O Brave New Blog


Since Live Journal seems to have been overrun by gremlins, I’m taking this opportunity to start a new blog site over here. I think this one will be less about my life and more about my vocation: writer.


Now I have to go figure out how to work this damn thing.


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  1. Hi. This is a comment. lol.
    Welcome. I saw a tweet from you and replied to you. I’ve just moved here from LJ with the intent to focus on my writing as well. So I just thought I’d say hi and warn you that I’m going to subscribe to this. Good luck!

  2. Sheesh…I see what you mean. LJ is just barely chugging along! Oh well, I had a wordpress account so maybe this will give me more of a reason to check my wordpress more often!

  3. It’s hardly LJ’s fault that they’re under a DDoS attack….

    I’ll bookmark here, although I find it harder to check a lot of unconnected blogs on a regular basis. That’s one of the still-lovely things about LJ – it’s a connected community.

  4. Oh wow, I make a wordpress and you move here, how convenient πŸ˜‰ I’ll stick to my LJ like glue too but this here is shiny πŸ™‚ Welcome…to us both lol

  5. Hi Lynn! Duelist_gurl163 from LJ stalking you over here now. πŸ˜‰

    The DDoS attacks on LJ have been driving me crazy lately, too. I certainly understand your frustration with it. I’m glad you won’t be abandoning your LJ completely though because, as others have said, it’s nice to have all my favorite blogs pop up on one friends page.

  6. Hopefully the LJ staff will be able to fix it soon, and business will get back to normal. In the meanwhile… hello again! *waves*

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