My Body is a Temple. Like on the Acropolis.


I ad mit it. I am not the most active person in the world. It’s very easy for me to spend the whole day working at the computer  then reward myself with “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” reruns on the DVR. Or a movie. Or reading. In other words, on those medical questionaires, I usually have to answer “sedentary”.

I used to do yoga all the time, and believe very much in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. I do pretty well on the mind/spirit connection, but the body too often gets left out of the loop.

Why am I writing about this on a blog I said was going to be about writing? Because it matters. Lately I’ve been hiking, doing two mile brisk walks around the neighborhood, and I just joined Curves again. I belonged four years ago, in New York, but lapsed badly. There the gym was inhabited by women of all ages. Here the median age is 68. It’s weird being one of the youngest people in the gym. For the first time in my life, I’m the gym bunny!

But I digress, as I so often do. What I find is that a half hour to hour of exercise first thing in the morning revs up not only my body, but my brain and spirit as well. I have more energy, I get more done in all aspects of daily life, and the writing really does go better, too. And if I drop a few more pounds and inches before my teaching cruise in October, so much the better, but I’m really doing it for health and brain power. Of course, it all comes down to living a balanced life, and frankly, that’s not my strong suit, but I can always strive.


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  1. This is actually a good idea, especially for those of us in such a sedentary lifestyle as writing. All of your body is interconnected, you know, mentally and physically as you said so improving one and being active and healthy is likely to improve everything else. In this way it can also help your writing.

    But uh, much like you, I know this and yet the body part kind of slides out of the way. However, I think learning to love who you are, physically and all (while taking care of yourself) is the key to true enlightenment.

  2. “However, I think learning to love who you are, physically and all (while taking care of yourself) is the key to true enlightenment.”

    It’s certainly one of them, especially learning to love who you are, as you are at any given moment. Flogging yourself to some ideal out of self displeasure just doesn’t work for me.

  3. I’ve found that I write better and have more energy when I manage to get in a couple of workouts a week. Lately I’ve been shamefully bad about keeping up, but that ends as of next week. Mens sans in corpora sano!

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