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Today’s Best Typo


Here it is, folks, the first good goof from NR 7.

“Going to the manglepiece, he opened a small casket that stood there and slid his ancestor, Corruth í ?’s ruby ring on his right forefinger.”




Found the text of an old interview in a folder. I can’t remember when it was or who it was for off the top of my head, but it’s apt. Maybe I’ll use it as my author bio in the next book.

“Lynn Flewelling is a medium-sized mammal native to Maine, but can survive in captivity in a wide range of climates, including southern California. It lives largely on tea and is not by nature nocturnal.  It has a variety of calls, but perhaps the most poignant  is the frequently heard “The deadline is when?””

My afternoon writing partner

The Last Nightrunner Book


All good things must come to an end. And so it is that this week I start work on the seventh and last Nightrunner book, currently untitled. As much as I look forward to trying fresh directions, I will really miss these characters, all of them. I’ve known most of them longer than I have my kids.


I am working on Glimpses II, though, and maybe more short stories. We’ll see.


That is all